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8 tips for packing your suitcase

1.    Weight & Dimensions:

Check that the weight and dimensions of your suitcases are accepted by your airline. You can access the airline standards here, but it’s always best to check out the airline’s official website as the terms can change.

 2.    Always start with a packing list:

Make a checklist of all the things you need to bring with you on your trip. By ticking off each item as you pack, it can help to ensure that you don’t forget anything! Your list can be re-used year on year for any other planned trips and activities!

 3.    Maximise space:

To save space, you can use vacuum storage bags for clothes that are not too prone to wrinkling, for example, jumpers and sweaters. Simply fold your clothes inside the vacuum bag, seal the bag and attach the vacuum hose to the valve cap and turn on the vacuum. The bag will then shrink as air is removed. Vacuum bags can help to save a lot of space (by at least 50%), so you can fit even more in your suitcase and maximise the space!

 4.    Keep organised:

To organise your items neatly, you can use packing cubes or separate storage bags such as a wash bag, cosmetic bag and a laundry bag for dirty laundry. Don’t forget to bring a medicine bag, just in case. It’s also handy to bring some extra plastic bags with you as you never know when you’ll need them!

 5.    Necessities only:

Make sure to only pack the things you absolutely need. If you have a tendency to over-pack, then try selecting the things you want to take, then remove half of the items. If all else fails, you’ve got the vacuum bag option that we mentioned earlier to squeeze in all your necessities! Also, try to pack one spare outfit with you – as much as we all like to think we’re invincible, things can go missing or get dirty, so bringing an extra set of clothes will give you that piece of mind.

 6.    Separate liquids:

It’s important to separate your liquids in a separate bag from your other items as you’ll never know when bottles might leak! For extra protection, seal the top of the bottles with tape or a plastic wrap.

 7.    Roll your clothes:

I don’t know who came up with this, but it is genius. Not only does rolling your clothes helps to prevent wrinkles, but it also saves a lot of space - game changer!

 8.    Save a little extra space:

Last but not least, remember to leave a little extra space, as inevitably, you will buy something on your trip. You don’t want to be in a situation where you absolutely love an item but you can’t buy it as you have no space left in your suitcase!

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