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55x40x20 Suitcases

Case Luggage has been a world-leading provider of high-quality luggage for many years. We pride ourselves on offering an eclectic range of fantastic case options to those who wish to travel the world or simply take a short trip. Our 55x40x20 suitcases are incredibly popular with all manner of customers. These compact-yet-durable suitcases are well-suited to travel of all types. And, as you’ll see in the list below, we supply luggage products from major brands, such as Tumi, Globe-Trotter, and Ted Baker. So, if you’re looking for suitcases that will last you for many years, then you’ve come to the right place. Our 55x40x20 cabin cases are expertly-made.

55x40x20 Suitcases

Perfect Hand Luggage Size

With airline hand luggage restrictions becoming tighter and tighter, you need to make sure you have carry on luggage that most airlines will allow you to take on board the aircraft. 55x40x20 hand luggage is becoming the normal hand luggage dimensions for a lot of airlines, including TUI, Flybe and Emirates. If you get to the airport and your bag doesn’t fit within the dimension restrictions, you won’t be allowed to take it with you on the plane and you’ll need to pay an extra charge to check it in. It’s very important to invest in one of our 55x40x20 cabin cases to make sure you don’t get caught out before your flight! Check out some of our best 55x40x20 luggage ranges.

Cellini Supalite

Cellini Supalite is lightweight luggage, and it’s one of the most popular products in our 55x40x20 range of suitcases. When people go on their travels, whether they take a short road trip or a long flight to the other side of the world, they want luggage that’s easy to carry. Often, of course, it’s difficult to carry a suitcase, even if you’ve packed lightly. You have to account for the fact that the case itself will be heavy, and we’ve done that with the Cellini Supalite Medium Spinner. Its spinning wheels make it easier to move around, too. So, you’ll be able to keep your luggage under the weight allowance on flights, and you’ll be able to easily carry your belongings from place to place. With a TSA-combination lock for security and peace of mind, this one is a winner in our books. Even if it weren’t to your liking, the Cellini Supalite comes with a 5-year guarantee, so you really would be getting a great deal with this luggage option.

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