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Large Suitcases

Whether you're heading away for an extended stay or simply don't fancy travelling light, large suitcases are ideal. With large luggage, you'll never again need to worry about cabin bag dimensions or squeezing everything into a small space. Instead, you'll be able to spread out with room to spare for all those duty-free or holiday purchases. Luckily, we have a wide range of big suitcases, including four-wheel options from top names like Radley and large hard shell suitcases from Tumi to meet your vacation needs.

Large Suitcases

Large luggage for long stays

No one likes having to pick and choose what they take when they go away. The moment you invest in a large suitcase, you should find that you never have to leave essentials behind again.

You simply need to consider the length of your trip and what you want to take with you. Browse our collection for large suitcases with ample storage. Options like the Eastpak Authentic Wheeled Travel can accommodate an astounding 121L capacity, guaranteeing that you have sufficient room for your essentials and more besides! And they aren't the only ones. You name your capacity; you can bet one of our large suitcases is up to the task.

A large range of large cases

We're proud to bring you a large range of large cases to ensure we meet your every need. We have cases with varying capacities, hard shell, and soft shell options, as well as spinners and even large lightweight suitcases.

We understand how frustrating it can be to have a limited selection of luggage. That's why we work with some of the top names in the industry, from Radley to Samsonite, to provide you with hundreds of potential perfect large suitcase matches. Whether you want four wheels or two, or even a large suitcase to fit within a set budget, simply browse our selection to find your one-true suitcase today.

Easy to carry no matter the weight

Carrying a large suitcase is the only real downside to luggage like this. Nothing's worse than fighting through the airport bustle with an arm-bulging bag behind you. Luckily, our selection includes plenty of cases which will be easy to carry despite their size.

We have spinners on two wheels or four from some of the top names in the industry, including Ted Baker and Briggs & Riley. We also have some fantastic large lightweight suitcases to make even the longest journeys easier to manage. It doesn't matter how much luggage you're taking away; suitcases like these can take the stress out of travel at last.

Case Luggage for large luggage you can rely on

We've been providing top-quality luggage solutions in London and surrounding areas since 1923, and currently have retail units in some of the most iconic locations, including Harrods. We also own the exclusive wholesale and distribution rights in the UK for Bric's, Ted Baker luggage, Delsey, Knirps and Radley luggage, meaning we're guaranteed to match you with the best large suitcases on the market.

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