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Yellow Suitcases

Case Luggage has been in the travel industry for many years. During that time, we’ve gained a reputation as a highly-reputable retailer. That’s why so many people come to us for the travel goods that they need, and this is certainly the case with regards to luggage. Our cabin cases and carry-on luggage are all manufactured to a superb standard. When you choose us, you choose quality.We don’t want to disappoint any of our customers. You’ll find that to be the case when you check out our fantastic range of yellow suitcases from all manner of major brands, ranging from Tumi to Ted Baker.

Yellow Suitcases

Best Selection of Yellow Suitcases

We stock the most stylish selection of yellow luggage on the market, stocking suitcases from the biggest brands in the luggage industry. You can be sure that when you buy a yellow suitcase from Case Luggage you’re buying from the best in the market. Offering the best in style, durability, strength and protection, we sell suitcases that you can trust when you go on travels. With our hard shell yellow suitcase options your belongings can protect bumps around the airport, and with many brands offering a luggage guarantee, you can rest easy knowing you have a high quality piece of luggage.

Brics Ulisse

The Brics Ulisse 79cm spinner is one of our favourites. It comes in a splendid shade of yellow (well, mango, but that’s close enough). This is more than just a fantastically-bright piece of luggage. The Brics Ulisse is a well-sized and portable solution for travellers who want to explore the world or simply take a short camping trip to a nearby valley. It has a beautiful graphic design, depicting a modern subway system, this case has an intriguing design. Brics has always been a brand that does things differently, but they definitely pushed the boat out with this one. Made of polypropylene and weighing only 4.80kg, it’s another well-made and reasonably-light piece of luggage, too.

Samsonite Paradiver Light

It might not be quite as vibrant in colour as the Brics Ulisse, but the Samsonite Paradiver Light is a stylish piece of luggage in a very different way. It sports a mixture of yellow and black materials, but this creates a very sleek and visually-appealing aesthetic. This 55cm spinner is compact, but it’s actually far more spacious than first appearances might suggest. It weighs only 2.50kg, but it has a 50L capacity, which is very impressive for its small size and lightness. You’d also get a 2-year warranty if you were to opt for this yellow suitcase, so you wouldn’t have to worry about investing in a low-quality piece of luggage; you’d have plenty of time to make sure that you were making the right decision.

Samsonite Dream Rider

If you haven’t yet had your fill of Samsonite products, then you might want to check out their fantastic Dream Rider. It’s worth bearing in mind, that this is a carry-on case for children. But you can’t squeeze your family’s belongings into one piece of luggage, so it makes sense to get a case or cases for the kids. And this bright yellow carry-on suitcase is the perfect option. We all know what children are like - they aren’t always happy with boring colours. It’s 100% polypropylene, it weighs 1.80kg, and it has a 25L capacity. That makes it a light but spacious travel option for any child. They won’t complain about lugging it around, and they won’t complain about struggling to squeeze their things into it. Mainly, that’s because they’ll spend most of their time riding around on it. It means you won’t have to pack toys - their suitcase will be the toy!

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