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Suitcase Size Guide

One of the most common questions we are asked is what is the best size suitcase for me?  Below you'll find information that answers a few common questions and will help you make the right decision.

What's included in the advertised dimensions of the suitcase?

The vast majority of dimensions listed on Case Luggage are the external dimensions of a suitcase which includes the wheels and the carry handles. The dimensions do not included the telescopic trolley handle when it has been extended. The height dimensions are usually taken from the bottom of the wheel to the top of the top carry handle and the width dimensions include the side handle.  Some cases will have dimensions listed that exclude the wheels and this is noted on the Case Luggage website.

Generally, the wheels add 5-6 centimetres to the size of the case.

When you are replacing an old case where the wheels are integrated into the case you should remember that most new cases, with the exception of 2-wheel cabin cases, will have less packing capacity because the wheels will generally be attached to the bottom of the case for easy manoeuvering.

What case is suitable for my holiday?

This answer to this question depends on how long your holiday is, where you are travelling at what time of year and whether you are a light or heavy packer. We generally advise the following:

Size Travel Time Height
Cabin Suitcases 1-2 Days 55cm/21.6inches
Medium Suitcases 2-7 Days 65cm/25.5inches
Large Suitcases 7-10 Days 76cm/30inches
Extra Large Suitcases Over 14 days 81cm/31.8inches

Do the same size suitcases have the same capacity?

Not all suitcases that have the same dimensions have the same capacity. This is generally down to the material that is being used and the internal compartments, so it is always worth checking the capacity of a case.

How much can I fit into a suitcase?

As a guide, you'll be able to fit the following items into cases with these capacities:

35-40 Litres:
4 Shirts
1 Toiletry bags 
2 Pairs of shoes
2 Trousers
1 Coats

70-80 Litres:
14 Shirts
2 Toiletry bags
4 Pairs of shoes
4 Trousers
1 Coat

80-100 Litres:
20 Shirts
2 Toiletry bags
6 Pairs of shoes
6 Trousers
2 Coats

100-120 Litres:
20 Shirts
2 Toiletry bags
6 Pairs of shoes
6 Trousers
2 Coats

120-130 Litres:
24 Shirts
2 Toiletry bags
6 Pairs of shoes
8 Trousers
2 Coats

130-140 Litres:
30 Shirts
2 Toiletry bags
7 Pairs of shoes
10 Trousers
2 Coats

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