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Bric's Luggage

Case is proud to offer an extensive line of Bric's Luggage and Bric's bags, one of the most widely-known and best-loved brands when it comes to both check-in luggage and carry-on luggage design. Offering a combination of affordability and luxury, Bric's Luggage UK has become known for sleek modern designs that stand in contrast with many of the more classic designs of the luggage world.

Below, you can see a wide range of Bric's bags, backpacks, duffles, garment bags, carry on suitcase, check-in suitcases, and more. These high-quality soft and hard shell Bric's suitcases are the perfect blend of practicality and gorgeous craftsmanship in design. Browse our extensive range of Bric's Luggage to find your perfect bag today!

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Bric's Luggage

Bric's Luggage Collections

Our range of Bric's Luggage continues to grow with multiple ranges to suit a range of budgets, often slashed with our exclusive offers. Whatever your needs are, we can help you choose from Bric's extensive line-up, famous for catering to travellers of all kinds. Here are some of the ranges we stock and what makes them so beloved.


Named for the cliff-side capital of the coastal Duchy in Italy, the Amalfi collection brings all of the class you would expect from that corner of Europe, with hard and strong shelled exteriors, sleek and shiny black designs, and TSA locks securing your items. These four-wheeled suitcases offer a lot of space, and plenty of conveniences, making things easier for those bringing over 70cm of items across the world with them.

Bellagio 2

A classy range of both carry-on and check-in suitcases, these are smaller, hard-shelled designs with a sophisticated flair to their design. The Bellagio 2 range comes in a range of colours, including black, cream, green, and white, so no matter where you go, you can make sure that you’re travelling in style. We also offer several protective covers for the Bellagio 2 bags on offer.


Tall, hard-wearing, and tough, the wheeled duffles are designed to offer as much space and security as you need. The Capri collection offers hard-shelled duffles from 70 cm and up. These four-wheeled cases come with TSA locks, making sure that your goods are not only easy to move but are also always well-protected, as well.


The Firenze range brings all of the practicality in design and sophisticated aesthetic and shrinks it down to washbag size. These soft, non-leather white bags are easily stored in any luggage case or any cabin, offering a versatile option that allows you some range of choice on how you transport your most accessible items.

Explore our range of Bric's suitcases

Take the time to look over our extensive collection of Bric's bags, as well as the selection of covers that we offer, and find those that best suit your needs. You can narrow the selection down by exterior type, colour, size, and more, making sure you get the perfect luggage for you. With Bric's designing some of the most durable luggage on the market, you can be sure your Bric's bag is perfect for any trip.

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