FPM - FABBRICA PELLETTERIE MILANO is an Italian leather goods brand founded in 1946. It is the expression of the best Italian talent and aesthetics, as well as expertise. The traditional hand-made workmanship, using premium materials, is today combined with the innovation of avant-garde metals and design.

FPM luggage offers travellers utility and style all rolled into one suitcase. Designed by Marc Sadler, these aluminium shelled and reinforced lightweight suitcases are inspired by vintage trunks, purpose-built to give you the durability you need on your travels. The combination of Avante-Garde materials and Italian design motifs, provides these FPM suitcases with a robust and secure appearance.

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  1. Trunk Large on Wheels 110L - Bank Trunk Large on Wheels 110L - Bank


    Trunk Large on Wheels 110L - Bank

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  2. 53cm Spinner with Front Pocket - Bank Zip 53cm Spinner with Front Pocket - Bank Zip


    53cm Spinner with Front Pocket - Bank Zip

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  3. 55cm Spinner - Bank 55cm Spinner - Bank


    55cm Spinner - Bank

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FPM or Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano is an Italian leather goods brand founded in 1946. The company has since invested enormous time and energy into creating practical suitcases designed to withstand the rigours of modern transport hubs. FPM luggage is second-to-none when it comes to combining style with robustness and security.

The company’s flagship product is FPM Bank, a range of premium hardshell suitcases designed to evoke a sense of security. All the FPM suitcases in the range come with dual wheels for ease of transport and feature interior dividers with intricate leather detailing. They also have butterfly locks for added security, and 10-micro-thick aluminium to prevent crush damage while also keeping the weight of the suitcase down. Currently, FPM bank comes in four colour varieties and seven different sizes.

FPM Bank suitcases come in a variety of colours and sizes and use an aluminium shell to protect your possessions, along with Butterfly locks. Bank Light uses special Makrolon polycarbonate in combination with luxurious leather details to create a robust luggage item of unrivalled style and strength.

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You can see how FPM infuses all of its products with its decades-long experience. All of the FPM suitcases in the Bank Light range come with reinforced aluminium corners, enhancing security, strength and safety. Just like the original Bank range, Bank Light also makes use of the company’s trademark butterfly locks. One of the marvellous things about FPM Milano is the company’s willingness to offer customers a variety of styles and options. Bank and Bank Light suitcases come with different bases, colours and materials, depending on your preferences. You can go for a “trunk on wheels" option, providing you with a large-sized case for those long trips away, or something smaller, like the Bank Light spinner with pocket, for shorter journeys and day trips. This flexibility and focus on the practical needs of the customer make FPM stand out as a brand. Here you’re getting not only legendary Italian quality dating back to 1946, but also a host of quality-of-life features that make travel better.

FPM luggage uses its Bank and Bank Light range as tools to fulfil its mission to help people move. Movement, the company claims, is the very essence of life. Their products evoke curiosity, fluidity, connectedness and open-mindedness. Every detail of their luggage in our collection is a celebration of travel and of the practical concerns that travellers have. Upgrade your travel experience with FPM today.

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