Innovative sustainable travel bags & accessories. Born on the road, GROUNDTRUTH takes you on a journey of discovery, with future focused bags and accessories that stand at the forefront of green exploration. GROUNDTRUTH innovates and designs technical, modular, and sustainable travel bags & accessories, whilst helping nurture the environment with 100% carbon neutral products.


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  1. 23L Backpack - Rikr 23L Backpack - Rikr


    23L Backpack - Rikr

    From £290.00
  2. 17L Technical Tote - Rikr 17L Technical Tote - Rikr


    17L Technical Tote - Rikr

    From £190.00
  3. 10L Tote Pack - Rikr 10L Tote Pack - Rikr


    10L Tote Pack - Rikr

    From £135.00
  4. 38L Hybrid Duffle Pack - Rikr 38L Hybrid Duffle Pack - Rikr


    38L Hybrid Duffle Pack - Rikr

    From £320.00

Made from 100% recycled material, using post-consumer plastic recovered from landfill sites, waterways and oceans worldwide.

Created with Purpose. Built for Performance

See how Groundtruth are on a mission to innovate new materials and technology that reduce both the global plastic pollution crisis and CO2 emissions.

Repurposing Plastic Pollution

Recycled Plastics

Recycled Plastics

Microplastics have now been found in all ecosystems around the world and have recently been detected in our blood.

Plastic production is set to increase in the years to come but only a small percentage will ever be recycled. We now have a bespoke portfolio of 100% recycled textiles, including our main body GT-RK-PC-002™ textile.

Waterbased VOC

Water based, VOC free coatings

The GT-RK-PC-002™ is constructed with a 600 denier ballistic yarn structure combined with a triangular ripstop weave for premium strength.

PolyCore’s water-based PU coating, provides both environmental and human health benefits through the elimination of the use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

100% recycled

100% Recycled

The entire range of textiles are created using GRS certified yarn with our Bluesign Certifies partner facilities in Taiwan.

The main body textiles are 100% rPET, and our linings are 100% recycled fishing net.

10 Year Guarantee

10 Year Guarantee

Recycled Materials

100% Recycled Materials

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

GRS Certified
Certified Manufacturing

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