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Ted Baker is "No ordinary designer label" with every Ted Baker product featuring Ted's personality at its core. The luggage range is no exception. Featuring bright colours, floral prints, and exotic birds, the Ted Baker collection provides a showcase for his unswerving attention to detail, finest quality, and eclectic style.

Choose a suitcase or travel bag from one of the many ranges like the soft side Albany collection or the stunning Belle or Flying Colours collections with the matching vanity cases for women.

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Ted Baker Luggage

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  1. Small Trolley Spinner - Nomad Small Trolley Spinner - Nomad

    Ted Baker Luggage

    Small Trolley Spinner - Nomad

    From £245.00
  2. Medium Trolley Spinner - Nomad Medium Trolley Spinner - Nomad

    Ted Baker Luggage

    Medium Trolley Spinner - Nomad

    From £285.00
  3. Large Trolley Duffle - Nomad Large Trolley Duffle - Nomad

    Ted Baker Luggage

    Large Trolley Duffle - Nomad

    From £295.00
  4. Small Trolley Spinner Front Pocket - Flying Colours Blush Pink Small Trolley Spinner Front Pocket - Flying Colours Blush Pink

    Ted Baker Luggage

    Small Trolley Spinner Front Pocket - Flying Colours Blush Pink

    From £199.00
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Ted Baker Belle

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Choose From A Variety Of Ted Baker Suitcases

If you want to travel in style, then little can beat a Ted Baker suitcase. With us, you can get a small cabin size, medium, or large Ted Baker suitcase depending on your travel needs. We stock differently-sized products from the designer, giving you the flexibility you need, whether you’re going on a city weekend break or a month-long adventure of a lifetime.


We offer an enormous variety of Ted Baker suitcases to fit practically all your needs. Some of the more popular ranges include Take Flight, which features a signature floral design with roses and other flowers; this is available in a range of colours, including pink, blue and green. The Belle range has an elegant bow design and is available in pink and black. For the business traveller, the Albany collection is perfect, this range has 6 sizes including Ted Baker bags, a wheeled trolley, business case, duffle bag, and holdall.

Hard-Shell Suitcases From Ted Baker

Ted Baker makes a variety of hard-shell suitcases to protect your luggage even during the most demanding of flights. The brand might be best known as a fashion house, but that doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t make functional products too.

The brand uses lightweight polycarbonate plastic in the construction of its suitcases. The plastic is not only strong and durable but also helps you stay within airline luggage weight limits too. Why pay more for luggage than you need.

Ted Baker Luggage Types

Easy, Convenient And Fun To Use Airport Suitcases

Ted Baker supplies many of its suitcases with a set of two or four, 360-degree-spinnable wheels to make your trips through airport terminals more enjoyable. The low-friction, high-quality wheels skim effortlessly over airport lobby floors, helping to keep you fresh for the journey ahead.

With Ted Baker suitcases, you also get adjustable handles you can set to your height making them extremely comfortable to pull along behind you. Our Ted Baker hand luggage is ideal if you're only going on a short trip away, or you don't need to pack many of your belongings.

Soft-Sided Suitcases From Ted Baker

Ted Baker makes their soft-sided suitcases from special tear-resistant fabric which won’t let you down, even on the most arduous of journeys. Your new Ted Baker suitcase will last for many years to come - great news if you’re a frequent traveller. Many soft-sided products in our Ted Baker collection come with handy zippered pouches at the front. These pouches let you store essential items for easy access during your journeys such as keys, passports, purses, wallets, and anything else you need to have to hand while you travel.

As with hard-shell suitcases, our soft-sided Ted Baker travel bags are ideal for both long-haul destinations and local city breaks. They come in a range of sizes, depending on your travel needs. Most fabric Ted Baker bags have convenient, adjustable handles which allow you to wheel your case across airport terminals in style. Traversing long distances by foot with a soft-sided Ted Baker suitcase is effortless.

Ted Baker Luggage Ranges