Db was founded in Norway in 2009 by freeski legend Jon Olsson and engineer Truls Brataas with the goal of redefining travel gear to enable better journeys. Db designs and markets backpacks, carry bags, luggage, and accessories for urban people who love outdoor lifestyles and travel. 


New In

  1. Pro Check-In Luggage Large - Ramverk Pro Check-In Luggage Large - Ramverk


    Pro Check-In Luggage Large - Ramverk

    From £599.00
  2. Backpack 25L - Hugger Backpack 25L - Hugger


    Backpack 25L - Hugger

    From £179.00
  3. Carry-On - Ramverk Carry-On - Ramverk


    Carry-On - Ramverk

    From £309.00
  4. Front-Access Carry-On - Ramverk Beige Front-Access Carry-On - Ramverk Beige


    Front-Access Carry-On - Ramverk Beige

    From £349.00

The Goal: Net Zero

Same solid product, lower impact.

It starts at the unit level. By redesigning and re-engineering our products, thoughtfully replacing materials with recycled and recyclable alternatives, working with the most responsible suppliers, and transporting them using the lowest impact methods, Db are on their way to reducing their per-product impact by >50%.

Db Sustainability