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Horizn Studios are the perfect premium travel luggage brand. Smart accessories that are designed with thoughtful features to make travel, seamless, enjoyable, and personal. From the signature cabin luggage to the life-saving smart charger, every Horizn product is created to make your journey easier – whether you’re on your daily commute or crossing continents.

Horizn Studios believes that in a fast-paced world, travel should be easy. Horizn luggage is designed to make every journey a seamless adventure. The brand is an innovative “boundary-pusher" that bakes creativity and joy into every product that it develops.

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New Products

  1. M5 Essential Cabin Luggage M5 Essential Cabin Luggage

    Horizn Studios

    M5 Essential Cabin Luggage

    From £370.00
  2. H7 Essential Check-In Luggage Glossy Night Blue H7 Essential Check-In Luggage Glossy Night Blue

    Horizn Studios

    H7 Essential Check-In Luggage Glossy Night Blue

    From £470.00
  3. H7 Essential Check-In Luggage Light Quartz Grey H7 Essential Check-In Luggage Light Quartz Grey

    Horizn Studios

    H7 Essential Check-In Luggage Light Quartz Grey

    From £470.00
  4. M5 Essential Cabin Luggage Suitcase M5 Essential Cabin Luggage Suitcase

    Horizn Studios

    M5 Essential Cabin Luggage Suitcase

    From £370.00
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Horizn Studios is a brand on a mission to create travel products for the next generation. The company wants to help make travel easier for people of all stripes, whether they are daily commuters or seasoned travellers. In a fast-paced world, every journey should be an adventure. Horizn suitcases are for the innovators and boundary-pushers. They’re for people who have a purpose and are intent on carrying it out. They’re for those who want minimalist comforts, practicality, quality, and lightweight luggage that allow them to take full advantage of our hyperconnected world.

Horizn Cabin Luggage

All of Horizn Studio’s cabin luggage is cleared to fly, allowing you to carry it on board with all airlines. The lightweight M5 suitcase is the ideal companion for both short and long-haul travel adventures. It is designed to keep all your valuables safe, even if you decide to get some shut-eye during your journey. The bag comes with an easy-access front pocket made of Italian leather as well as a waterproof pouch - ideal for a laptop.

The H5 suitcase is the company’s most robust cabin option, designed to withstand the harshest treatment. It comes with full spinner wheels and includes a variety of security measures. Its extra-tough shell and TSA-approved lock make this a must-have travel companion for every seasoned adventurer. Choose Horizn Studio luggage today and upgrade it for your next trip.

Horizn Studios Luggage Types

Innovative Luggage Design

To this end, Horizn Studio's luggage is innovative in several ways. First, it offers suitcases with the world’s first removable charging function, allowing you to top up your devices as you travel. Second, selected models to come with optional GPS tracking, allowing you to see the location of your Horizon luggage, no matter where in the world you happen to be. What better way to avoid baggage handling errors?

Horizn Studios uses international methods to make luggage for a global audience. The brand sources the best materials from all over the world. It then combines them in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to create products of unrivalled quality and value.

All of the company’s check-in models are designed to be the perfect companion for the long-haul, providing you with regulation-compliant suitcases, crafted using the finest German polycarbonate to protect your belongings. All models come with robust 360-degree spinner wheels, providing additional support and comfort while travelling through airport lounges. Check-in models come in a variety of sizes, with internal volumes ranging from 65 litres up to 90, ideal for trips of twelve days or more.

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