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The Briggs & Riley philosophy is designed to be simple but effective at protecting your luggage. All of the Briggs & Riley products are exceptionally well designed and reliable so you don't have to worry about the well-being of your belongings.

The lifetime performance guarantee is supplied with every product and covers ordinary wear and tear, and unlike other brands, airline damage is also covered under the warranty to give you peace of mind when it comes to the usual bumps that come with airport travel.

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Briggs & Riley Luggage

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  1. Travel Backpack - Baseline 2 Travel Backpack - Baseline 2

    Briggs & Riley Luggage

    Travel Backpack - Baseline 2

    From £299.00
  2. Large Backpack - HTA Collection Large Backpack - HTA Collection

    Briggs & Riley Luggage

    Large Backpack - HTA Collection

    From £269.00
  3. Medium Multi Pocket Backpack - HTA Collection Medium Multi Pocket Backpack - HTA Collection

    Briggs & Riley Luggage

    Medium Multi Pocket Backpack - HTA Collection

    From £249.00
  4. Medium Wide Mouth Backpack - HTA Collection Medium Wide Mouth Backpack - HTA Collection

    Briggs & Riley Luggage

    Medium Wide Mouth Backpack - HTA Collection

    From £239.00
Briggs & Riley Baseline 2

Briggs & Riley Baseline 2

Briggs & Riley HTA Collection

Briggs & Riley HTA Collection

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Briggs & Riley Luggage

If you purchase a Briggs & Riley suitcase you can be sure you're getting something special. Whether you decide on a baseline rolling cabin trolley which is ideal for a short break or the Baseline large spinner for longer trips away, the Briggs and Riley luggage you buy will be of the highest quality. All of the luggage designed by Briggs and Riley follows the same philosophy: Engineered for reality.

Briggs and Riley Luggage Lifetime Performance Guarantee

The lifetime guarantee offered on all of Briggs & Riley's suitcases is one of the best features for frequent travellers. If your suitcase suffers from wear and tear or even damage caused by airlines, Briggs & Riley's guarantee covers it all. This can give you the peace of mind to enjoy your travels rather than worry about your belongings!

At Briggs & Riley, they have set the bar when it comes to performance standards. All of their luxury luggage goes through a rigorous testing procedure. This procedure helps to ensure that your case will last, no matter where you go, or how long your trip is. If any of their designs don’t make it through the testing process, they start again.

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Briggs & Riley Luggage Engineered For Purpose

Briggs & Riley products aren't just run-of-the-mill suitcases. The luggage is specially designed based on the requirements of all types of traveller and we are proud to be able to bring you an extensive range from Briggs & Riley, including some check-in suitcases and Briggs & Riley cabin bags.

Briggs & Riley entered the global marketplace in 2006 and have been dominating the world of luxury travel ever since. Briggs & Riley now sell in more than 27 countries worldwide, and they are still growing. They have set themselves apart with things like their “Simple as That” lifetime warranty. They have also developed the NXpandable system, which is one of their most popular features.

Most recently, Briggs and Riley have seen more success with the introduction of the CX expansion compression system. This system allows expansion of up to 33%, and then to compress down again to the original size.

As you can see, when it comes to luxury luggage, you should look no further than the Briggs & Riley range.

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