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Delsey was established in 1946 in France, the country where they are still based & their design inspiration comes from. Delsey is now one of the world's top luggage manufacturers, achieving unrivaled success. Delsey is proud to produce products with extra features that are useful & important to the consumer. The Delsey designers aim to combine body and spirit, intention and vision, ideas and shapes in all of their bags, suitcases & accessories

At Case, we’re proud to carry a growing range of both check-in suitcases and carry-on luggage from Delsey, one of the most established and well-trusted names in luggage design. Initially established in France in the year 1946, they have gone through over seven decades of innovation and iteration and remain one of the world’s best known and most popular luggage manufacturers.

Besides the success of their bags, Delsey luggage is well known for bags that are not only resilient, but extremely practical, always including new features that make them more convenient, more efficient, and more stylish. Take a look below to see the Delsey suitcase products we have on offer and how they can help you and your luggage.

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Delsey Luggage Collections

We have both check-in and carry-on cases from Delsey suited to a wide range of needs. Whatever size a bag you need, whether two-wheeled or four-wheeled, and whatever your budget is, Case has you covered. Catering to a variety of travellers, Delsey is known for the different ranges they produce, so below we’ll take a look at some that we carry, and what sets them apart from the rest of the market.


Designed with comfort in mind, first and foremost. The Delsey Baikal collection includes 2 and 4 wheel expandable trolley cases, each with ergonomically designed handles, TSA combination locks to keep all your goods secure, and plenty of storage. Beyond the interior space, there are a lot of external pockets, making it perfect for the traveller who needs easy access to items in their luggage.

Chatelet Air

As the name hints, Chatelet Air bags carry a certain degree of the Parisian fashion sense with them. These ultra-sleek bags are more than gorgeous, they’re sturdy, robust, and ensure that you have no stress during your travels thanks to the robust exterior shell.

Sky Max

A light yet tough bag, this range is designed to make sure that you have room to organise everything you need, and plenty of convenience when wheeling it around the airport. High quality spinner wheels, lightweight Ballistec polyester covers, and neoprene carry handles make it one of the most convenient bags around. Combine that with a whole host of interior organisation features and you can make travel a breeze.


The lightest of the hard suitcases offered by Delsey, this range offers double wheels, big carry capacities, a hard-wearing zip, and lots of closed compartments to help you organise your trip as best as possible. These bags come in a range of sizes, so you can make sure all your luggage is protected by a resilient, yet light-weight shell.

Explore our range of Delsey suitcases

Explore the range above and it’s easy to find the Delsey suitcase that suits your specific needs. With our store navigation options, you can narrow your selection down to meet find the suitcase that offers the right features, size, and price range. At Case, we’re proud to carry Delsey bags of all types to suit all travellers.

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