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Established in 1897 and synonymous with great British design, Globe-Trotter is reputed for its robust luggage. Handmade at their Hertfordshire factory using Victorian machinery, these vulcanised fibreboard suitcases are favoured by travellers looking to invest in a high quality, stylish piece of luggage. When it comes to buying a new suitcase, there are a few important features you need to look out for. The best suitcases need to be easy to manoeuvre, attractive and durable enough to survive the trials of airport travel. When it comes to buying Globe-Trotter luggage, you can be sure you're purchasing one of the best suitcases on the market that ticks all the boxes for both shorter trips and longer stays away. People often look for either practicality or style when it comes to buying new luggage, but with Globe-Trotter's unique designs you don't need to compromise. With a range of different styles, colours and patterns in stock, there's no need to compromise on your perfect piece of luxury luggage.


Luxury Trolley Cases

Globe-Trotter's range of trolley cases are perfect for frequent travellers who carry heavy luggage every time they go away. Featuring wheels and a telescopic handle, trolley cases are a perfect alternative to large suitcases. Lots of people think you have to choose between style and convenience when it comes to buying a new suitcase, but our Globe-Trotter trolley cases combine the two so you don't have to compromise. Often, people use trolley cases so they've easy to maneuveur through the airport without having to keep picking it up but also suitable as cabin cases or checked in lugagge. One of our most popular ranges is Globe-Trotter Centenary, featuring a number of trolley suitcases and deep wheeled cases.

Globe-Trotter Carry on Luggage

For travellers who mainly go on shorter trips or longer stays away, it's worth investing in a Globe-Trotter cabin case. Globe Trotter have specifically designed a range of durable and stylish carry on suitcases so you don't get caught out when you get to the airport. Travellers get caught out every day by having a cabin case that's too large to take on board, and with many airlines charging extra to take bags that are too large, it's worth buying a case that will fit most airline's carry on luggage restrictions. These cabin suitcases are also designed to weight less than the standard suitcases, so you can spend more time thinking about what to pack and less time worrying about staying under the weight limit!

Check-in Suitcases To Last a Lifetime

If you're more used to taking longer trips abroad, you'll be better off looking into bigger check-in suitcases. When it comes to surviving the trials of airport travel, you need to make sure your suitcase is durable and strong so it can survive the knocks and scrapes or baggage handlers. Globetrotter suitcases are cleverly designed to be hard shell, made from vulcanised fibreboard to withstand the test of time. With a range of different styles and pattern options available, you're bound to find a suitcase that suits your taste from our wide collection. With unique designs and leather details on almost all of our cases, you can now travel in style whilst staying secure.

Range of Accessories

Along with stunning suitcases, Globe-Trotter luggage offers a range of accessories from vanity cases to washbags, tablet covers and leather stickers, so that the rest of your luggage looks just as stylish as your suitcase. Whether you want your luggage to match the rest of your travel accessories or just want to get some stylish accessories, our range is perfect for ant type of traveller.

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