Bric's Ulisse

Bric's Ulisse collection offers a range of different coloured expandable spinners and suitcases to ensure that you travel in style. Each spinner consists of graphic design to give them a more urban look. Available in a range of different sizes, from cabin sizes to large suitcases, so you can choose one that best fits your travel requirements. Each Bric's spinner in this range comes with a TSA-approved combination lock to ensure all your belongings are kept safe

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  1. 55cm Expandable Cabin Spinner - Ulisse 55cm Expandable Cabin Spinner - Ulisse


    55cm Expandable Cabin Spinner - Ulisse

    From £185.00
  2. 71cm Spinner - Ulisse 71cm Spinner - Ulisse


    71cm Spinner - Ulisse

    From £215.00
  3. 79cm Spinner - Ulisse 79cm Spinner - Ulisse


    79cm Spinner - Ulisse

    From £209.00